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Lead Generation Infographics

Here are two great info graphics that I wanted to share. The first from DemandGen Blog gives some great considerations when planning lead generation programs and the 2nd info graphic from Lead Lizard explains why lead scoring is a powerful activity.

Planning lead gen

Lead Scoring Infographic

Shared by Lead Lizard Demand Generation Agency


5 Smart Retail Email Marketing Tips

Smart Retail Email Marketing has a lot to teach us in SMB b2b.  I wanted to share with you some of the 5 of the practices from retail.



One of my favourite email’s that I receive is from FAB. They personalise some key items that I might like. This is a section I look forward to seeing. Think by segmenting data how you could do some personalised offers to key groups.

Temple and Webster is another fav and they do a great job of creating collections to look at. They emails are based on  collections and so it is easy to browse through the collection that suits you, outside, prints, etc

2. NEW

StyletreadWhen there are new products in Styletread makes a noise. Being a head of style is what they are all about.  Letting me know what is fresh in is another reason for me to visit their on line store. How can you package youTemple and Websterr services to make them fresh, new and inviting?

Innovations email gives some customer favourites  and Aussie Farmers does Christmas themes around food and hampers.


Some email campaigns just look beautiful and so you have to look at them. T2 is always a standout for me. How many of you think about the design of your email communication? The headline and images are important. I know some clients feel just text is enough but considering we are now opening these on our iPhone, tablets etc the format has changed to allow for more images and so design counts!

Back story


We all still want to know the back story to something we are buying whether this be a product or service. Quirky do a good job of this in their newsletters. Supporting new ideas and designers is one of the “feel good” braT2nd attributes that Quirky wants to foster and so the back story is very important to their communications. Think how you can incorporate the “why, who and how” into your email comms.




4 must ask questions to hone your marketing comms

I was listening to Marketing Smarts Podcast last night and Tamsen Webster was Kerry’s guest. She had four great questions that I think are so fundamental to great marketing comms that I wanted to share them with you.

To create a communication that works, ask yourself four framing questions:

1. Who are you talking to? (Audience)Identify_Your_Audience
“You cannot get to a messaging strategy before you have an audience strategy.” So many of the businesses I work with struggle with this. I know it is easy to feel you are cutting off a big part of the market by focusing on one segment but your message will mean more and will be likely to resonate if you have a focused audience rather than try and be all things to everyone.
2. What do you want them to do? (Action)
“What is it that you want them to do, specifically, as an immediate result of that act nowcommunication…. The instinct we have to resist is to say ‘I want them to read this and buy,’ or ‘I want them to have this conversation and buy.’ If you slow people down and say ‘that’s not how YOU do it, is it?’ We have to be much more specific about the outcome of any communication is. Do I want someone to learn more? Do I want them to click through? Do I want them to schedule another meeting? Do I want them to change an opinion?” Having a clear CTA (call to action) is a big part of my work with small businesses. Mapping out a customer journey can help for every marketing communication. What is the next step that makes sense for your customer?
3. What do they need to believe in order to act? (Belief)
“There are some basic archetypal beliefs that are usually in play. Things like ‘the problem is more serious than I thought it BeliefOmeter(1)was.’ ‘It’s actually possible to solve this problem that I have.’ ‘This solution that you’re asking me…to take will solve the problem.’ That’s a belief. Another belief is that this solution you’re suggesting to me is superior than other solutions. Particularly important in sales is the idea that it’s worth it for me to take this change.”

Belief is the biggest missing thing for small business. Why? Why should I trust you and what do you do differently. Sometimes this revolves around the how. How you do business and customers only know this if you show them your process.
4. What do they need to know in order to believe? (Knowledge)
“There’s this fascinating thing with how the human brain works—we have to have context in order to remember, in order to comprehend. And until that initial context is established, nothing else makes sense. So you can start a communication with saying ‘here’s who we are, and here’s where we’re located, and here’s our approach, and here’s our methodology.’knowledge-management

It is all about educating and being helpful on your customers’ journey.
“What’s fascinating about…these four questions is that you can use them to determine what’s the best way to structure a piece of marketing collateral through to what’s the best way to position a sales conversation, even to what’s the best way to put together a keynote or a conference breakout session? These questions are so important.

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The Role of Marketing: think, feel, do

Inspired by a Harvard Business Review paper The Marketing Machine, I boiled down what I essentially believe are the three key roles a marketer needs to manage today.

The evolution of marketing from product centric to customer centric

We have all had our fair share of issues with Telstra’s service over the past few years and some may still have issues, but you have got to give them credit for coming up with a solution to some of our healthcare issues by using a technology platform that only they could provide, with the assistance of software partners and IBA Health Limited.Readycare

Their vision is simple enough, a E-Healthare System. Connected, accessible, integrated and breaking down the barriers of distance, and 24 x 7 so perhaps allievating our poor emergency departments and ambulances in some situations. I really like the idea of not having to leave home when I am sick and doing a online or over the phone consult or as they call it “telemedicine”. I am fine with that information being forwarded to my GP although it might not suit every person or situation, it is nice that I have that choice. My mum in rural victoria has to wait weeks to see the local GP, so it would give me piece of mind to know she can get advice when she needs it through Readycare GP phone service when, telemedicine is all she needs. That  she can maintain her independence as long as possible like many others in regional areas desparate for more doctors.

six pointsHow great it would be to get real time e-referrals or scripts through eRx Script exchange service? Using kiosks to collect medicines. Imagine being able to access our own records and diagnostic reports at a click of a button on our mobile. Or using MyhealthPoint App to monitor a health status remotely. It makes sense really. The digital technology is there, and Telstra is making it available in the health arena, we just need to ensure that it is managed and implemented it carefully. Can you believe we are finally going to use technology to address one of the biggest concerns of an ageing population, our healthcare system? Maybe even by aggregating data via the Quality Investigator Toolwe can see trends and assist medical research and discovery.

Well done Telstra. The concept is stella, now comes the hard bit. Go get them Gordon

If I didn’t know it I would have felt it was an apple video below.