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Simon Sinek first introduced the concept with his take Startwithwhy. He explained to us the concept of understanding why we do something is more important than the how or what and that really connected. We want to understand the real story, the reason why people do what they do and then we might be interested in the how and the what.starting-with-why

For  Mark Horvath, founder of InvisiblePeople.tv it was all about solving problems. As a TV producer and twice homeless himself he understood better than most that authenticity has replaced production value. His greatest good project gives consulting advice for his cause.
Mark doesn’t feel like he is wasting a second of his life, talent or skills. Mark shows us humanity by sharing their stories, which could so easily be us. Donate.
For some people understanding why they do what they do is important but if usually is a big wake up call that focuses the lens of life. For me it was the day my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was a thunderbolt of lighting that made everything clear. My purpose, my drive and my everything was about the people I could help and everything else was irrelevant. That day changed everything for me. While the next 6 months I pretty much left my high flying job at HP and went home to my parents farm to help take care of my mum and my dad. It has been 15 years since dad passed and while I miss him every day, it taught me to grab onto life and do everything in your power to do what you love and to be grateful. Until then, I didn’t realise how much I needed to build relationships, and share my expertise with those who needed it most, small businesses.

So what does this have to do with marketing? Well everything. Understanding your motivation, your drive and your why can build a authentic relationship with your staff, clients and people who support your business. Why do you do what you do? When was the last time you told your story to your staff, customers, the world. I for one would like to hear it. It is sometimes confronting and creates some vulnerability to tell your story. Keith Ferrazzi helped me overcome this, teaching me business and life is human. Everyone has an interesting, valuable and personal story to tell, you just have to embrace it.

SchoolsPencils for promise is a charity that I support. It is about giving the gift of education to children, something I am and my dad  was so passionate about. Pencils of Promise was founded by Adam Braun in 2008, a big idea sparked by a chance encounter with a street kid in India. Braun met the boy when he was backpacking around the world and his poignant answer to a question Braun asked him—what do you want most in the world?—has led to a global initiative to build schools in impoverished communities. What the boy wanted most was a pencil, an answer that prompted Braun to reflect on the importance of education in a child’s life. To date, Pencils of Promise has built 39 schools, with a further 19 ongoing builds and three upcoming ones. Donate



Grow your leads and sales with Marketing

Lead Nuturing

Great video by Overgo Studio.

This 8 min video gives a great overview for marketing strategy. Worthwhile looking at to set up the lead generation fundamentals.

Good information on lead generation, lead nurturing, segmentation tactics.


Video on creating your marketing collateral

This is a great video on your collateral in Indesign. Some key considerations and tips



View this entire Developing Brand Identity Collateral course and more in the lynda.com library.

There are a number of really good resources out there for small business marketing. Here is my list of the top 10.

  1. Marketing Profs; with an emphasis on marketing tips for marketers, it has some great articles, podcasts and research on marketing technology and tools.
  2. My small Business – Herald sun website has some great resources and articles
  3. Flying Solo – great portal for SMB and solo businesses.
  4. Small Business Government website - has some good templates and basic information
  5. Entreprenuer.com – another good source of marketing tips and articles
  6. ANZ Small business Hub - business plan template
  7. Inc.com -good articles
  8. Hubspot – Resources case studies, how too videos
  9. Koshies business builders -good interviews with other small businesses
  10. Exact Target - Salesforce tools and tips

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Up skill with key marketing apps for small business

This afternoon I presented a webinar for small business to learn about some of the marketing tools I love. Learn more below and join our marketing portal for the best apps, templates, tools for you to use as a DYI marketer.

Up skill Using Marketing Apps from Danielle Macinnis on Vimeo. (start 2 mins in)