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Adele Revella Reveals How Buyer Persona’s Insights Create Better Marketing

Adele Revella has built the Buyer Persona Institute to revolutionise the way we use buyer persona’s in marketing. Rather than creating a buyer persona’s to market to, Adele’s approach called the Five Rings of Insight is based on creating insight through a research so that rather than making presumptions about ideal buyer’s decisions!

These steps include:

1. Priority Initiative – what problem are they trying to solve?

Core buyer personnas

2. Success Factors – What outcome would be desirable in their words?

3. Preconceived Barriers – What is the bad news we need to hear about our solution or competitors offerings?

4. Buying Process – Who is involved and when?

5. Decision Criteria – How is the offering evaluated?

Adele shares some great insights how focusing on the buyer persona makes decisions can have a profound affect informing strategies for persuasive messaging, content marketing, product or solution launches, campaigns and sales alignment.

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The Buyer Persona Manifesto

The Buyer Persona Institute


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  • http://www.buyerpersona.com Adele Revella

    Thanks for the great interview, Dan, and for registering for the Buyer Persona Masterclass. I am looking forward to hearing about all of the great insights you get by interviewing your client’s buyers. They will be impressed when you can tell them exactly how and why their buyers make choose their solutions, and why some buyers prefer their competitors’ approach. This is the information that buyer personas are meant to convey. I appreciate your sharing this with your readers!