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How much do you care about your customers? Show me the love!!

The DiJulius Group is a site I love because they are so passionate about customers. John DiJulius  a recognised authority on customer service, recently blogged about a survey  that was conducted in the US and eleven other countries exploring attitude and preferences customers have toward whom they spend their money with based on the  customer service they experience. Here are just a few of the findings:

1)    61% will spend an average of 9% more when they believe a company  provides excellent service
2)    81% of consumers are likely to give a company repeat business after a good experience

3)    52% will never do business again with a company after receiving a poor
4)    The three most influential factors when deciding which companies they do
business with include:

o Personal experience (98%)
o A company’s reputation (92%)
o Recommendations from family & friends (88%)
5)    Just about half of consumers use online postings/blogs to get others’ opinions
about a company’s customer service reputation.

This is powerful information and it is worth thinking about how much you care about your customers because it is that care factor that is needed to give fantastic service. To go the extra mile you really need to do more than just meet their needs you need to delight them, surprise them and anticipate them.

Here are three questions you need to be able to answer:

How do your customers feel about the service or product you provide? What is it’s value to them?

What do they think of your brand?

How do you continually aim to delight your customers?

Start talking to your customers. Check your answers with theirs. WOM is now so fast via social media that they are talking about you, but are you listening? Set up a google alert for your company name and individuals in the company.  As a small business you can ask your customers for feedback quickly, easily and afford ably. A simple call, survey online using wufoo or focus group could give you great information on how you can CARE about your customers more and grow your business.

John talks about the levels of customer service on his site.

1. Have an incredibly strong Inspirational Service Vision- a service brand promise that instills the service passion in all your employees

o “Even when it’s not our fault – it is still our problem” I love that. Going to use it.

o The Answers“Yes”,now what’s the question

2. Servants Culture- find, attract and only hire people who have the ServiceDNA

Entire team is fanatical about customer service

Employees police each other

3. The company is World Class in Team/Guest/Community/Home-walk the talk in all areas of ones life

Team loves where they work

Great place to work

Great corporate culture

Community involvement is a major core value

How do you show that you care? Love to know. My local coffee shop show by remembering my order and having just about ready when I come in for my Chai latte in my own special cup! Gotta love that. I read that some Zappos sent shoes express to customers when they only ordered normal postal service and said, “we got it here fast because we wanted to surprise you”. Got to love that also.  What can you do to delight your customers today?


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