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Lynn Hunsaker an expert on customer experience

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Lynn Hunsaker is runs a consultancy called Clearaction.biz where  she helps organizations build enterprise-wide customer-centricity and ownership of customer experience innovation to live the brand promise and maximize customer profitability.

Lynn shares with us insights she has gained over the last 20 years of being an expert in customer experience and highlights some best practices of how we can develop customer centric behaviours. As a well known thought leader in the customer experience space, I felt humbled to have Lynn on the show.



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  • http://www.felicityhutchison.com.au Felicity

    This is great Dan. Really enjoy the videos and lyn was really interesting to listen to. Her thoughts and ideas are so important in this current climate and yes we do make a lot of assumptions about our customers!

  • http://www.macinnismarketing.com.au danmac30

    Thanks Felicity!