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How do you know what marketing mediums to use?

Australia Post and ADMA have done some great research into what are the most effective mediums to use for advertising. What I really like is they have segmented the channels based on the buyer and the place they are in the buying cycle.  While this research was only based on 9000 respondents it does make sense that we have different preferences.

We know that we like to check out something online before we buy but equally we are still a fan of thumbing through those catalogues close to key seasons like Christmas etc.mktPath to purchase

Most Effective Channels


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  • Scott Penno

    Hi Dan,
    Within the path to purchase illustration, personalised direct mail is mentioned. Would this include both email and postal mail or is this referring only to postal mail?

  • http://www.macinnismarketing.com.au Danielle MacInnis

    Hey Scott
    I believe that the personalisation is happening already in email as well as direct mail.I guess this is only as good as our segmentation and thus data but where possible providing personalised comms provides better click through and conversion rates. Here are some interesting stats from Hubspot on email open rates and behaviours and some slides from Salesforce.com