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The Ultimate Design Thinker – Arn van Oosterom

Arne van Oosterom is the founder of the Design Thinkers Group and now the Design Thinkers Academy. DesignThinkers is one of the leading ‘design driven’ Innovation Agencies helping organizations around the world making the transition from being strictly product orientated and sales driven, towards being service orientated and human centered. Listen to the podcast interview here. I really enjoyed talking with Arne. He gave insights into how companies have a great challenge on their hands as small nible companies compete on a global stage. Arne talks about the importance of design and how it is being reintroduced into companies like SAP and how the youth of today are looking for personal development rather than a 30 year career at one company. Arne explains how we are moving from product dominant logic to service dominant logic. Design thinking is a mindset and The is Service Design a book that Arne also contributed to introduces this service design thinking which is a valuable resource for all businesses to embrace. Learn about the “airsandwich” and how if you want to change the world service design might just be your calling. Resources: Design Thinkers Tools Design Thinkers Design Thinkers Academy


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  • http://www.felicityhutchison.com.au Felicity

    I really enjoyed this interview too! Thanks Dan!

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    Thanks Felicity!